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Swoopin Space Birds

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Blue Rocket goes to Rescue his cute girlfriend Rosebud and fight against Slime balls from fowl evil intergalactic bird guards in space by using gravity to your advantage and making decisions in mid-air as to where you should swoop next. Combining a new style of tower defense with time altering unique game-play, sling-shot Blue Rocket in another direction in mid-flight. Combining classic play with new techniques, Swoopin Space Birds is the new game that will take your new bird Character Blue Rocket, Rosebud, Penelopi love life to new heights.Seems like a lot to take in? No problem! Just remember these things:- numerous challenging levels that will test your swooping technique- tap the blue bird to slow down time in flight to make careful calculated decisions as to where you should swoop next- defeat all the bird guards and collect eggs for extra points and more levels- encouraging words appear the higher your score is